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Corporate Retirement Plan Solution


As consultants and advisors specializing in company sponsored retirement plans such as 401k and Defined Benefit, we are dedicated to helping clients maximize the value of their employer's retirements plans. Our professional guidance can help clients:

  • Manage fiduciary exposure
  • Lower plan expenses
  • Develop a personalized employee investment education and communication program resulting in improved retirement outcomes

Qualified Retirement Plans and More

Developing and maintaining qualified retirement plans requires ongoing attention. Using the Corporate Retirement Plan SolutionTM, CC Coaching and Consulting, Inc. can help optimize participant and employer satisfaction.

In part, the Corporate Retirement Plan SolutionTM provides:

  • Plan Design Consultation
  • Third Party Administrator Comparison
  • Record-keeper Services and Cost
  • Investment Performance, Cost and Monitoring
  • Analysis of Fiduciary Compliance Processes
  • Evaluation of Employee Communications



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Tour of Our Services

Tour of Our Services

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Reference Page

Reference Page

Want a deep dive into Qualified Retirement Plans?

Click here to find our Qualified Retirement Plans Reference Page

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Keys to a Successful 401(k) Plan

Keys to a Successful 401(k) Plan

Video Series: Maximizing the Value of Your Company 401(k) Retirement Plan

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