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About CC Coaching and Consulting

Helping clients make informed decisions since 2001

Helping clients make informed decisions since 2001

Headquartered in Littleton, Colorado the roots of CC Coaching and Consulting Inc. date back to 2001. Led by Craig Ciarlelli who has experience in the retirement planning industry since 1978, our team provides companies with professional guidance with establishing qualified retirement plans or with improvement for existing plans by guiding trustees and other plan fiduciaries.

Corporate Retirement Plans

Corporate Retirement Plans

With seemingly endless changes in tax laws, fluctuating company financial position, compliance regulations, fiduciary responsibilities and employee outcome issues, many companies are realizing that it is difficult to stay on course alone.

Since 2001, CC Coaching and Consulting, Inc. has utilized the Corporate Retirement Plan Solution™, which is a proprietary method of evaluating your company's current retirement plan.

We are an independent financial consulting practice who specializes in company sponsored retirement plans such as: 401(k), Defined Benefit, SEP SIMPLE, Non-Qualified Plans, 457, Top-Hat and Phantom Stock.

We compare service providers, develop custom plan designs, provide employee education support, develop a system to monitor plan investments and demonstrate how we facilitate with fiduciary compliance.

The result...helping company executives with making informed choices about establishing or improving their corporate retirement plan.

Personal Financial Coaching

Personal Financial Coaching

As personal financial coaches, we are dedicated to helping clients define their goals and understand the process it will take to get there.

We strive to...

...simplify all the complexities in today's world.

...working collaboratively with our clients and staff.

...take an all-encompassing look at our client's situation.

We want our clients to reach their long-term objectives, but there is not one big decision that is made to achieve this. Clients are out in the world living, have capital expenses, have short-term needs, and have constraints. Financial pictures change over periods of time. To help pursue our client's long-term objectives a series of decisions take place over the course of their lives. We coach our clients to make informed decisions that will help work toward this success.

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