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401(k) Plan Basics and Fees

401(k) Plan Fees - Overview
The basics of 401(k) fees. Who pays them and what services are involved?

How Service Providers Get Paid from Plan Assets
Plan expenses are often deducted from employee accounts. Find out how and why, and what to watch for.

Revenue Sharing and Invisible Fees
You might not write a check, but somebody still pays for variety of services. Learn how fees may be split and how to identify invisible fees.

401(k) Account Fees
Details on the types of fee charged to 401(k) accounts. These are fees paid by employees or “participants.”

Disclosure of Retirement Plan Fees

Finding 401(k) Fees
Where to find information on your plan’s fees. What do various disclosures and reports tell you?

Employer Fee Disclosure - 408(b)(2)
Employers are required to understand their plan’s fees. Why is it so difficult and what information is provided to them?

Employee Fee Disclosure - 404(a)(5)
Participants in retirement plans should know how much they pay. How do they find out, and what are some problems that may arise?

Key Service Providers for Retirement Plans

401(k) Plan Advisors
What does a financial advisor do for a 401(k) plan? How are they paid?

401(k) Plan Administrators
Plan administration and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) are necessary for keeping the plan in compliance.

401(k) Plan Recordeeping
Recordkeepers track assets in the plan and provide other services to participants.

Bundled 401(k) Plans
What are the pros and cons of using a bundled plan, and how do the costs differ?

Partner With Us
We work with employers, financial advisors, and service providers to help make sure fees are in line and everybody stays happy.

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